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Our Services

HOA Management:

DBI Properties is a family-owned business and we consider our properties our extended family; it’s what sets us apart from other management companies. Our company will provide you the same level of professionalism and experience that we expect at our own properties.

We have a staff of diverse professionals, experts trained in property management, finance, accounting, human resources, marketing and more. We have the expertise, skills and time to manage your community without the high cost and hidden fees usually associated with HOA management companies.

While traditional HOA management companies only offer services for maintaining the outside of a property, DBI will provide both exterior and interior services. We have a list of preferred reputable vendors and their pricing, such as plumbers, contractors and electricians that are available to you. We believe communication is paramount; we are always one phone call away. Our 24-hour emergency support system ensures that you will never reach an answering machine. In addition, we have vast experience working with local vendors; if we don’t have someone on staff for a particular task, we know the best person for the job and your association.
It is our focus to facilitate successful relationships between homeowners and board members, ensuring that each party is happy and comfortable.

Rental Property Management:
DBI has a history of strong performance and efficiency in rental property management. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you find, maintain, or manage your next rental property. We are committed to providing owners and tenants with affordable, high-quality property management services.

We ensure the units at each of our rental properties meet our high standards prior to tenant move-in, which, combined with our excellent customer service, affords us a very high tenant retention rate.
We also believe in first impressions, which is why, when you step foot on any of our properties the grounds are expertly landscaped and maintained. We will bring this same level of expertise as well as ability to have maximum impact without breaking the budget to our clients.